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The Door Knob

....in a world of so many doors

10 May 1986
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This journal has been put to rest. Enjoy the archives.

For the continuing story of my life, see here.

aac, aim, alanis morissette, alcohol, alternative, amélie, apple, apple computers, backpacking, banana republic, beck, being myself, being naked, ben folds, björk, black & white photograpy, boys kissing, cameras, camping, chicago, choir, choral music, coldplay, compassion, conversation, cooking, cuddling, dance dance revolution, daron hagen, ddr, degrassi, depaul, depaul university, digital imaging, diversity, donnie darko, dreams, driving, dvds, elca, electronics, equality, ethics, express, express men, eyes, facial hair, faith, family, fantasy, fetish photography, food, fraiser, gamecube, gay, gay boys, gay porn, gay rights, gay teens, graphics, hair removal, hard liquor, hiking, homosexuality, incubus, individuality, internet, ipod, joy division, kevin rose, kill bill, kissing, lightning, lord of the rings, love, mac os x, macintosh, macs, magic, making out, masturbation, matrix, movies, mp3s, music, nature, nick drake, no doubt, nudity, os x, our lady peace, page layout, philosophy, photography, photoshop, physics, pictures, pink moon, poetry, politics, porn, porno, pornography, ps2, psychology, radiohead, rain, reboot, religion, rpgs, scifi, sex, simpsons, singing, skiing, soda, spelunx, steve miller band, storms, sublime, sunsets, swimming, taking baths, tech tv, techno, technology, the matrix, the oc, the screen savers, the woods, theatre, thinking, thunder, thunderstorms, tom juran, toronto, tss, tv, uma thurman, unix, vergos merlot, video games, water, web cam, weezer, wendys, writing, ♂♂